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Biography of Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai
Biography of Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai

Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai was born on 15-01-1949 Saturday being ‘THAI POOSAM’ an auspicious day of Hindus related to LORD MURUGA. His parents Sri. S.Veeraraghava Iyer and Srimathi Ponnammal whose nativity belongs to KERALA settled at MADURAI named and called him as SUBRAMANIAN.

Sri Swami is the EIGHTH child in the family and from the childhood days onwards he has much helping tendency without any expectation from others. He is very determined and dedicated to reach the goal with good planning , endless hardwork and makes the things done in good manner. He has very sharp memory so that even now he remembering the events , names of the teachers and persons from his age of 5th. He is so fast in his activities , as nobody can have that much of speed . He strongly hates the luxury things and insists that Leading Simple Life gives Eternal happiness.

During the childhood days , he thought about the poverty of people and felt very sad. He didn’t believe faith in the god in his adult age because of his basic question and thought if god is there means why this much of disparities between people.

At this stage Goddess SAMAYAPURAM MARIAMMAN embraced him and took as her Shadow. She gave him endless blessings, xtra-ordinary talents .Her divine power expressed through Sri swami’s activities with wonderful happenings .The Goddess Mariamman directed Sri swami in each and every moments.

In the year 1984 he got married with a lady named Renganayaki.He leads a contented life and father of two boys namely Kaarthi and Saravana

Sri Swami got very rare power ( Kiriya) through his GURU Goddess Mariamman like sitting several hours continuously in ‘THYANA’S ( Meditation ) and ‘ SILENCE FASTING’. In the year 1992 when he was at Palani ( Lord Muruga Temple city) near Judge Swami Mat received the power of prophesy. There itself Sri Swami revealed the Goddess words to the people ( ARUL VAKKU ). The people who suffer from various , multidimensional problems get relieved by approaching him for ‘Arul Vakku’( Goddess Words ).He was working in Madura Coats Ltd .Along with his work and family life, he rendered the divine service to the needy people by Arul Vakku at his residence located in Sammattipuram Sri Ram Nagar. Many people got blessings from him and lead peaceful life.

In 1996 on one fine day when he was in Madura coats duty, the Goddess Sakthi asked him to do the divine service full time for Her.In no minute Sri Swami resigned the job. The higher authorities of Madura Coats Ltd advised him to get back of his resignation. Sri Swami replied them ‘THESE ARE THE WORDS OF GODDESS, NO ALTERNATE SUGGESTIONS REGARDING THIS MATTER’.

Sri Swami informed his wife about the Goddess willingness and what he did in Madura Coats work. This stage their two children were at the age of 9 & 7 years old.Sri Swami’s wife Mrs.Renganayaki who doesn’t have second thought with him till now , accepted the things happily and gave assurance in front of SAMAYAPURAM MARIAMMAN that she will look after the children , family and to extend her full co-operation in his spiritual activities.From 1992 onwards she is rendering wonderful service to Sri Swami and the temple in a good manner. Also she is much more helpful to raise Sri swami spiritual power through ‘THYANA’s ( meditation).

During 1997 the Goddess Sakthi ordered Sri Swami to raise a Temple for Her and showed the exact location situated in the west side of Madurai where KANNAKI stands and looked after destroyed the Madurai by fire due to her husband killed by the king of Madurai and left to Kerala. Immediately Sri Swami laid a ‘ FOUNTATION STONE’ for the construction of Temple. The Temple and along with all Sannathi’s were completed and in JANUARY 22nd 2002 the ‘MAHA KUMBABISHEGAM’ ( Holy Water Shower) took place.

Now Sri Swami is rendering this Holy service in the temple of SRI SAMAYAL KUDIL MARIAMMAN SAKTHI PEEDAM.