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Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman Shakthi Peedam Growth and Development
Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman Shakthi Peedam Growth and Development

The foundation stone of Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman Temple Shakthi Peedam was laid on Jan 23th 1997.

Objectives :

  1. To Spread over the very pure spirituality.
  2. To develop the Bhakthi with logical and scientific base.
  3. To render social services.
  4. To create and develop social and civic senser.
  5. To inculcate the art of being oneness.
  6. To synchronize the thoughts about religious Perseverance, hormonic the people hearts.

The steps taken to reach the goal :

Spread of spirituality :

The construction work for the temple was started in the year 1997. By going to temples and worship the people can develop the religious spirituality. In the year of 1998-99 Sri Nardhana Ganapathy Sannathi, Sri Bhuvaneswari Amman Sannathi were Constructed.

In 2000 Sri Mariamman Temple Maha Mandapam (Worship Hall) was Constructed.

Sri Bhuvaneswarar Sannathi, Sri Santhana Parameswarer Sannathi ,Sri Ellai Kalliamman Sannathi ,Sri Karuppana Swamy Sannathi were added in 2000 & 2001.

The Maha Kumbabishegam (Holy water shower ceremony) took Place on 28 -1-2002 on an auspicious day with devine power. Important VIPs like Justice Sri Masilamani, Ms. Pankajam (Vice chancellor of Gandhi Gram University), Sri Ganapathy Swamigal (100 years old Saint) and several members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) ,Commissioner of Madurai corporation, Councilors of Madurai Corporation attended the Holy ceremony. Nearly 50,000 devotees were present to see the Holy function . A tasty and delicious lunch (Annadhanam) was provided to all the devotees.

In 2004 all the temporary sheds of Sri Bhuvaneswarar Sannathi, Sri Santhana Parameswarar Sannathi, Sri Ellai Kaaliamman Sannathi, Sri Karuppana Swami Sannathi were renovated to R.C.C. Building.

Another Kumbabishegam (Holy water Shower) took place for all the renovated Sannathi. Nice Lunch (Annadhanam) was Provided. In the year 2008 foundation stone was laid for Raja Gopuram (Entrance Multi-storey Tower)

To develop Bhakthi (Prayerful) with logical and scientific base :

  1. Every year Nearly 500 Children received free Note Books ,writing materials on Vijayadasami (Auspicious Day for Education).
  2. The Blessings of Mahans (Religions Saints) and Elderly People will definitely make the children and students life colourful. For their noble purpose Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai (Founder of the Peedam) writes mantras in the tongues of children (Known as Aksharam). The Beneficiaries told they have attained high levels in their lives.
  3. Every human being as a man requires Peace ,Happiness ,Contented life. Sri Swami leads ‘Dhiyanam’, Yoga and Common Prayer with large numbers of participants.
  4. To inculcate the thoughts of religious attitude and to provoke social awareness discourse and speeches are being delivered.
  5. Kundalini Dhikshai – one of Yogas – to receive the Power of wisdom – ‘Gnana’ is given to people who are in that thirst by Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai.

Social Services :

  1. 9The Golden Jubilee of Indian Independence was celebrated on 9.11.1997. On that Occasion some Performers were honoured for there ‘outstanding events’ with awards ‘Sadhanayalar Virudhu’. Madurai Kamarajar University Vice chancel (Ex) Sri Aluduya Pillai, Gandhi Gram university vice chanceller – Sri Markandan, World peace organization President Sri Paranjothiar had graced the function.
  2. Thiru P.T.R. Palanivel Rajan Speaker of Tamil Nadu Assambly, Chair person of the function of free note books distribution. About 500 students received free note books and writing materials.
  3. Free sarees and blowes were given to nearly 100 ladies in the year 1997,1998 and 1999.
  4. Every year on the occasion of Independance day, Thai Poosam (Sri Swami Birthday) Annadhanam (Free lunch) is being given to around 1000 to 2000 Persons.
  5. A young Boy 7 years old Master. Sivarama Ganesan gave his first stage performance (Arangetram) in the year 1999. After that he was the recipient of Tamil Nadu Govt. award.
  6. An Entrance Arch (Thorana Vayil) was constructed in the front of south side of the Temple with architecture technique.

To inculcate high noble thoughts :

  1. Religious Hormony Celebration took place on 10th Feb 1998 to make unity between religions and better humanity. Ex Deputy Mayor of Madurai Corporation Mr.S.Navaneetha Krishnan, Dr.Sankar Ram, Sri Paranjothiar (World peace sanchary) delivered speeches on this topic.
  2. Another Religious Hormony celebration took place on 12-2-1999 in a grand manner. His Highness prof. Dr. Saliq (Vice Chancellor of Madurai Kamaraj University), Dr.Jacob Cherian (Recipient of padma Bushan Award in that year), Thiru. Syed Kajah Maideen(Govt Town Kajiar), SriParanjothiar (World Peace Sanchary), Highness Sri Madurai Aadheenam Participated and made the function grandful.
  3. On 21-1-2000 Religious Hormony day was Celebrated. Justice Sri Soundara pandian, Sri William poobala Joseph ( Malasian National Congress) and several Malasiyans, Norveyans participated in the function.
  4. Kargil War : A silence Prayer Fasting was held for with- drawal of troops in the Kargil war. On the evening itself we heard the very happy news that the war had come to an end .

Proudly to say these are all by the Prayer efforts of Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai - Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman Sakthi Peedam.