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The Ancient History of Samayal Kudil Mariamman Sakthi Peedam Temple
The Ancient History of Samayal Kudil Mariamman Sakthi Peedam Temple

In the regime of King Kochadai Maravarma Sundara Pandian , Temple city Madurai had its Western side border limit ‘ PIRATIAAR PATHU ‘ ( Now known as Viratipathu ). The King constructed a temple for Goddess Ellai Kaali , Veethiyudaiya Iyyanar ( Iyyanar of the street) and Muthaian Samy. This Temple had 21 sections with 61 ‘Devine Forms’.Even now we can see these evidences.

The believe of the people is that NAGAMALAI ( Western Side of Madurai ) is the limit of ‘THADATHAGAI NACHIAR ‘ ( A Goddess for Secure ) .

In Ancient days there was a Great virtuous Lady known as ‘ KANNAKI’ origin of CHOLA REGIME and got married with ‘KOVALAN’ a Bullion Merchant.They came to MADURAI ( PANDIAS REGIME) for livelihood. Kovalan was falsely caught by King’s Guards and to project to King as accused for stolen the Queen’s Sathangai ( an ornament used to wear in legs ) when he went to sale his wife Kannaki’s Sathangai – similar to that of Queen’s Sathangai . King made his judgement to kill Kovalan without proper enquiry.

Kannaki heared and found her husband Kovalan had been killed by King ‘s order without proper investigation. Kannaki proved to King that her husband Kovalan was not a thief .The virtuous Lady Kannaki set fire to Madurai for the wrong judgement of the King. Before leaving to KERALA ( CHERA REGIME – MALAI NADU) , Kannaki stood in this Historical Place ( SRI SAMAYAL KUDIL MARIAMMAN SAKTHI PEEDAM ) and saw the place where her husband Kovalan had been killed and Madurai City after set fire.

The great verdicts of Maharishi Pathanjali ( a great saint) and great Mahans reveal that the Goddess Kannaki impart her power as a ‘SAKTHI PEEDAM’ to establish the Truth and Justice for the affected people and to fulfill their requests, prayers of the needy people.

Sri Swamiji Sakthi Adimai received the orderings from GODDESS MARIAMMAN to construct a Temple at this Historical ,Holy and Rituous place. The place is cited as ‘SAMAYAL KUDIL’ – giving relief to people from their grievances and problems.