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The Wonders and Miracles of Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai with the Grace and Blessings
The Wonders and Miracles of Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai with the Grace and Blessings

of the Goddess Sri Samayapuram Mariamman
of the Goddess Sri Samayapuram Mariamman

  1. During 1994 August Sri Swamiji went to ‘Siddhanathan Cave’ at Chadhuragiri. He conducted a ‘CAMPHOR YAGA’ with for the betterment of the world. There the followers of Swamiji had Dharshan of ‘Lord Siva’ because of Swamiji’s Divine Power. The upper side of the cave was lazed with roots of various big trees found in the hills. This is a rare thing to see.
  2. In 1994 October Swamiji had shown the full moon (Pournami) on the Block Moon Day through his stronger Meditation (Dhyana).
  3. In Suruli Hills (Near Thekkadi) there is one Cava known as ‘Kailasanathar Cave’, Nobody can enter into the cave easily and sit for Dhyana since the height of the cave is very low. In 1977, Swamij went into that cave easily without any strain. When he sat for ‘Dhyana’ the top of the cave had a lift of 11/2 feet high as to sit comfortably during ‘Dhyana’. At that time the followers and other people saw that ‘A Five Headed Cobra’ rounding his neck. The viewers were stunned to see such a miracle.
  4. 0Sri Swamiji had a silent fasting prayer for 100 hours from 06.07.1998 to 10.07.1998 for world peace and prosperous life for all human beings. This prayer took place in a ‘separate cottage’ where communication is not possible and also the door is locked outside. Sri Swamiji completed this Meditation without any kind of food and sleep even for a single minute when he came out from the cottage people had a dharshan of his golden coloured face with Divine power.
  5. Sri Swamiji had conducted another ‘Yaga’ on Block Moon Day of August 1998 at Samayal Kudil Mariamman Sakthi Peedam. During the Yaga the ‘Agni’ (Fire) came from Space and down to Earth through his head. The people attending the Yaga and saw this wonder.
  6. For the welfare of the humanity, Sri Swamiji had observed a ‘Fasting Silent Prayer’ for 23 hours.
  7. 1In 1999 Sri Swamiji conducted a ‘Yaga’ at Alagar Koil Hills Near Madurai. The purpose was noble one that to make a synchrony between religions and to prevent the natural calamities. There he also had a ‘silent prayer’ at “Yoga Narasimhar Sannathi”.
  8. Sri Swamiji made a visit to Papanasam (Pothigai Hill) in the year 1999. There he had ‘Yagaa’ at Kalyana Dhearth Ghat’(square), where Lord Siva & Shakthi marriage scenery shown to Saint Agasthiyar a great devotee of Lord Siva. A Lady named Kalyani Ammal was there, who had given up all the worldly things. Most of the time she was in meditation, for more than 80 years Even now (2010) she is there. Swamiji met her and revealed the secrecy of her birth with the Divine power of the Goddess. It is a known fact that, who have no re-birth, Great saints visit this sacred place. During the nights, After finishing the ‘Yaga’ by Swamiji, the followers and living people saw the ‘sandal showers’ on the rocks the next day morning. Yes this is another wonder showned by Sri Swamiji.
    At the same place at the middle of the river, under the water level of 2 or 3 feet Sri Swamiji and his disciples had ‘Dhyana’ for 3 hours. Lot of fishes living in the river didn’t trouble the ‘Dhayana’ people.
  9. In the year 2000 for the withdrawal of kargil war Sri Swamiji observed a ‘silent prayer’ with the participation of 500 School children at 7.30 am. and the public also participated in this seat occasion. The miracle happened on that day evening itself that the War came to an end. The people were immensely happy to hear the news.
  10. Sri Swamiji visited another ‘Kaga Pujandar Cave’ (Naga Falls) Near Madurai where the people can enter into the cave in a lying position only. The people and the followers chat about this. At this time Sri Swamiji was not found there. All there tried to find Sri Swamiji. There one man told that he had seen a snake going into the cave. After some time the people found & Sri Swamiji went into the cave in the ‘Snake’s Posture’. They wondered about this.
  11. In 2005 Sri Swamiji went to Rameswaram with his followers. Inside of the ‘Sankara Mat’ there Sri Swamiji had ‘Dhyana’. At that time ‘Karuda’ (one type of eagle) mode rounds above Sri Swamiji’s head. The followers and also the devotees of the temple saw thus and also the Sri Swamiji’s appearance was like ‘Puli Pani Siddha’ (A saint with tiger paws).
  12. Sri Swamiji and his followers were in Sri Samayapuram temple during 2008. The administrative staff asked the devotees to have a quick move at the Dharshan. When Sri Swamiji and the followers came in front of the Main Deity Mariamman all other devotees and working staff were in statue like position. Everything was in a stand still for few minutes. Immediately after the leaving from there, the normally took place.
  13. Even now at present (2010) the devotees tell that they have the dharshan and the presence of Sri Swamiji at their homes and also lye passes.
    Such is the simplicity and humbleness of the great Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai.
    Swamiji is like that of mountain remaining calm and not that of remaining making sound. The above are the very few thing among his number less wonders and miracles. It is a very great privilege to be with him and know about various facts and truth.