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Description of the Temple & Sannathi’s found in Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman Sakthi Peedam
Description of the Temple & Sannathi’s found in Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman Sakthi Peedam

The Temple and Sannathi’s are created in the shape of ‘OM’ ( Symbol of pranava letter )

Sri Nardhana Vinayagar Sannathi :

As we enter into the temple ,First of all we have to Dharsan (see) Sri Nardhana Vinayagar. Here LordGanapathy (First son of Lord Shiva,Known as First worship God) blessing us in a Dancing position with “ SIDDHI” (One of Spiritual power for mind) in His Waist.
One who pray for demands with POMEGRANADE fruit daily for a particular period ( say 30,40,48 & 60 days) the devotee gets relief from the demands. Some devotees after the relief from their demands, they worship with ‘ Coconut Garland’ as a thankful homage to Lord Ganapathy.Some other devotees worship with ‘Coconut Lighting’, One full coconut divided into two parts horizontally and make lighting with ‘GHEE’. All the ‘Sankatahara Chadurthi’ is conducted with special poojas and deep devotional base.

Sri Bhuvaneswari Amman Sannathi :

Next to Sri Nardhana Vinayagar Sannathi, Sri Bhuvaneswari Amman blessing us along with “MAHAMERU” (Sri Chakra – contains 44 angles and a top – concept of ‘Pyramid’). This is the one of Seven places where Mahameru established. ‘Pournami Pooja’ (Full Moon)is conducted during every pournami. “ KUNDALINI DHIKSHAI” – A way to get special Wisdom (Gnanam) is given here to whom one really want to know about himself by Guru Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai.

The Foot Print of Sri Mariamman ( Thiruvadi) :

Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai received the Goddess Sri Mariamman words and guided to construct the Temple for Her in this location during one night which the location made of Bush & Thorns fully.Goddess Sri Mariamman showed through a “LIGHT” which came from sky enter into this exact location where Foot Print established.

Sri Bhuvaneswarar Sannathi :

Next to Foot print (Thiruvadi) , Sri Bhuvaneswarar “LORD SHIVA” blessing us in the form of “LINGA”. ‘Pradosha Pooja’ ( Every 13th day of full moon and block moon ) is being held with several Abishegam. During every October full Moon ( Tamil Ipasi Pournami ) ‘ANNABISHEGAM’ ( With Rice ) is taking place.
It’s a strong believe that if one has dharsan of Lord Shiva on Annabishegam he will enter into God’s Eternity.
During every “Karthigai Somavaram”- 108 Sangu Abishegam – is taking place. In front of Sannathi “NANDHI” ( Lord Shiva’s Bullockcart) in mega size with single stone is established.

Sri Santhaana Parameswarar Sannathi :

Next to Sri Bhuvaneswarar Sannathi, Sri Santhaana Parameswarar ( Lord Shiva with Snake ) blessing us made of single stone weighing 4 Tonnes.The head portion of snake called as “ KEDHU”, tail portion called as “ RAAGHU” and in centre Lord Shivalingam are created. During the event of ‘ Milk Abishegam’ is conducted then the Milk turnsinto Blue colour instead of it’s White colour where the happenings are same in famous “ Thirunageswaram Temple”. Special Pooja is being conducted during every ‘AYILYA’ star with ‘Milk Payasam’. After the Pooja is over the Milkpayasam kept in the vessel will get reduced.The believe is that the God admitted and took the Milkpayasam.

Sri Karuppana Swamy Sannathi :

Next to Sri Santhaana Parameswarar Sannathi, Sri Karuppana Swamy (Lord Santhana Karuppu – God for Secure) blessing us to keep the people secure in the Night time.Many people they have seen that the Lord Karuppu takes rounds around the Temple area in night.

Sri Ellai Kaali Amman Sannathi :

Next to Sri Santhana Karuppu Swamy, Goddess Sri Ellai Kaali Amman us and well known as Goddess for Secure.During the King ‘Kochadai Maravarma Sundrapandian’ period Goddess Sri Ellai Kaali was the Goddess of Secure for West side of Madurai and had separate Temple for Her..In due-course that Temple was worn-out.
Separate Sannathi is established inside the Temple for Sri Ellai Kaali Amman and all the Abishegams are conducted especially “ASTAMI POOJA” ( 8th day of full moon and block moon ) is conducted with dedicated devotees with their demands ( writing in a paper and put it in the Goddess Thiruvadi) are fulfilled by Goddess Sri Ellai Kaali Amman. The Goddess Sri Ellai Kaali Amman is the most Powerful and more Aggressive God to give the good things and to control the bad things for the people.

Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman Temple :

Next to Sri Ellai Kaali Amman Sannathi, The most important and Main Deity of Arulmigu Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman is located in the centre of the temple.The Deity withEight Hands, to stretch the hands towards the devotees.
Navarathiri Festival( Dhasara), Fridays on Tamil ‘ADI ‘month [ July & August ], Fridays on Tamil ‘THAI’ month and Thaipoosam [January & February ], Tamil ‘MASI’Magam[February & March], Daily 4 times routine pooja [Morning,Noon,Evening & Night] are conducted with so many devotees from Various countries and places.
Devotees are praying with their demands to Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman and get relief, blessings through Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai by ‘Arulvakku’ because of Goddess Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman has direct conservation with Sri Swami Sakthi Adimai as we people have.After getting relief from demands devotees made special poojas and offerings to the temple to express their gratitude.

Arulmigu Sri Samayal Kudil Mariamman is Most Powerful ,Kind and Boon Goddess.